Dr Raymond Roberts
Consultant physicist

Dr Raymond Roberts
Consultant physicist

Advanced Wetting Technologies Pty Ltd

Advanced Wetting Technologies Pty Ltd has developed and patented a new multi-phase wetting system that does not behave like any amphiphilic surfactant. It is based on entirely different and new wetting physics. The surfactant industry worldwide is worth US$60 billion. AWT technology has the potential to replace all of this.

It has been successfully used to replace fluorosurfactants in firefighting foams for Class B liquid fuels. The firefighting foams produced with AWT formulations meet the UK DEF STAN 42-40/2 without the use of any fluorosurfactant and hence there are no PFAS and PFOA breakdown products.

Full details including current applications, laboratory and third party testing reports, and the physics behind the technology will be added shortly. However briefly: 

  • It is not limited by micelle formation.
  • It can be used at varying dose rates up to 2% resulting in different rates of wetting.
  • There is no change in surface tension from the bulk of the liquid to the liquid/air interphase thus no marangoni effect is created. This means that micro-particles do not shear from the edge of the droplet causing spray drift.
  • The surface tension of the wetting liquid stays constant throughout the wetting process. This is unlike any other surfactant.
  • Suppresses foams in all adjuvant applications.
  • Can be used in both aqueous and non-aqueous solvents
  • Covered by granted and pending patents worldwide.