Dr Raymond Roberts
Consultant physicist

Dr Raymond Roberts
Consultant physicist

Rezex A

I have developed a multi-phase wetting enhancing system that improves spreading and penetration of simple and complex water based fluids on previously difficult to wet surfaces. The product Rezex A is being manufactured by Oxford Technologies http://www.oxfordtechnologies.com.au/. It significantly improves the spreading of complex fluids such as resins onto wood flake and fibre used for panels manufacture.

Rezex A will enhance any application where a water-based system has to come into contact with difficult to wet surfaces such as kiln dried timber softwood and hardwood timber and very dry flake particles and wood fibre. It improves surface wetting of all materials. It can be used in applications such as wood based panels and wood plastic composites. It enhances the spreading of PVA and amino type resins.

It will significantly reduce droplet size when aqueous based simple and complex fluids are sprayed onto surfaces improving the spreadability as well as the spontaneous wetting of such systems.

When using Rezex A less resin and other products need be used to achieve the same or even better results with increased and more even spreading.

Rezex A differs from standard surfactants and detergents in that it is a multi-phase system using very innovative chemistry resulting in improved wetting which in most cases is an order of mangitude faster than most current surfactant based systems. It also does not form micelles at higher concentrations. Thus it is concentration dependent unlike most other surfactants. This means that the concentration of Rezex A can be increased in very difficult to wet situations without the formation of micelles.

It is non-hazardous, non-flammable material that is also effective in keeping complex fluids in a dispersed phase. It is also very stable at higher temperatures.

Details of it's use may be found in the following presentations at the 2011 International Wood Composites Symposium run by Washington State University.

WSU paper 2011 Part A 5th April 2011.pdf

WSU paper 2011 Part B 2nd April 2011.pdf.

The following is a paper presented at the 2012 Symposium on successful full scale trials of Rezex A in reducing resin consumption and improving physical properties.

WSU paper 2012 Dr Ray Roberts.pdf